CBD Krümel & Trimm 100g

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Hersteller: Budwiese
Produktnummer: 1058[1]
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Trim & crumble from the best Organic CBD flowers

  • <12% CBD unter 0,2% Thc
  • 100% Organic Indoor

Sale and transfer to persons over 18 years of age. Best endurance effect and mild aroma thanks to particularly gentle production and slow drying! Smoking and misappropriation is officially prohibited.

Keep out of the reach of children. The products are only to be used for commercial purposes within the legal framework of EU industrial hemp. The pictures shown are only used to illustrate our top quality! The product names are not related to other products and are artificial names chosen exclusively for marketing. The products are for commercial, scientific and technical purposes only. Suitable for noble kraft beer production & cold brew.

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1. September 2023 19:27

Top Qualität

Der beste laden denn ich kenne auf dem Markt. 10 von 10